Friday, November 26, 2010

I'm Tree Hugger

I'm a tree hugger. Not by choice by accident. I have on average about 10-15 kids cruising in and out of the house at any given day. Today when the 9 ft. Christmas tree topples over on me...nothing, nobody, no help. Just me and the tree...Huggin' each other.

I'm done hugging now, the tree is technically back up if a little smooched looking. But that's okay, because I hugged it all better when it fell down...on me!


Jennifer said...

Excuse me, no picture? Now that's just not fair!!

Queen of My Domain said...

Now how was I supposed to get a picture with me under that nine foot monstrosity. LOL :) I will post one here soon I'm sure. Then maybe I can photoshop my head in underneath it.