Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm not eating that...

Last night was church night for the kids. They go to Religious Ed (CCD) every Wednesday at 5:15. So that makes getting home from work in time to get them to church on time a challenge. Usually Hubs has them ready and I pull up to the house load the kids and drive off. But I got home a few minutes early yesterday and actually went inside. As I am getting the kids together to get them out the door. I'm asked the infamous questions of "What do you want for dinner?" Hubs said he would take care of it but wanted something easy. I was super hungry and said just make some spaghetti then and ran out the door.

When I got back later with the kids, I was beyond hungry and ready to eat. I walked into the house and could smell the pasta had been cooked and the sauce was simmering. Hubs and Z. had taken the flat screen down to replace some parts on it that were making it slow to turn on (darn no new TV coming from Santa this year)while I was gone. So I went into the kitchen and looked at the pasta. It looked like it needed to be drained again. So Hubs said he would drain it and started to fix the kids plates for everyone.

Before I sat down the kids were already complaining that they didn't like it. So naturally I told them that they needed to just be thankful that they had something to eat and be quiet and eat. Then I fixed my starving, famished self a plate and sat down to eat. I looked at the noodles that I saw Hubs draining and they looked very very wet. But I was hungry and didn't care so I ate. I took a bite chewed it, swallowed it and looked back down to my plate. Yes, it looked and smelled like spaghetti. So I tried another bite. I finished it set my fork down and just watched everyone trying to eat as they were all trying to figure out why it tasted so BAD.

Z. said it was because it was angel hair pasta and not real spaghetti. Hubs said it was because it was a different brand of whole wheat pasta than I normally buy. K. said daddy put to much water in the sauce so that's why it was so watery. Finally I asked who made this? Z. replied I did. Darn! I can't criticize my 12 year old son for a dinner he made us. Then Z. says, dad told me how to do it and then I helped him get the TV down from the wall and we fixed the TV.

So I asked him, did you start cooking before the TV came off the wall or after you put it back up on the wall. Z. answers before they took it down. Okay I said how long did it take you to fix the TV I asked. Hubs and Z. both replied not very long 20-30 minutes at most. A-ha, that explains it. You mean to tell me that you boiled the noodles for anywhere from 20-30 minutes? No wonder what we are trying to eat is nothing but a watery mush covered in sauce.

It truly was bad, bad enough for me who was so hungry, who had just told her kids to stop complaining and just eat what your given, to not eat it. Apparently Hubs and Z. forgot all about the pasta and it absorbed the entire pot of water. The little kids had eaten all that they were going to eat of it and so had I. Out came the boxes of ceral for dinner. Really, who can mess up spagahetti?? That would be my Hubs and Z. Guess next time we cook spaghetti, I need to get Z. in there for a real lesson in how to cook pasta.

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