Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The many faces of Z

Getting pictures of my kids without them making a ridiculous face is always a challenge. You would think it would be easier for me to get a normal, non silly picture of my oldest son Z. He is after all about to be a teenager. Well that's probably why he doesn't cooperate much with me and my camera these days. I thought I'd show a bit of what I have to go through and put up with before I can actually get a good picture.

The boy can't seem to be bothered to look up from the laptop long enough to smile into the camera.

Then when I finally get him to look up and smile. He does this right at the last second and this is what I get.

Of course by this time, he thinks it's all fun and games and waits until I've focused and then this...

Finally, he takes pity on his mom and picks me up from the ground where I am sobbing and crying in the fetal position and says he will do it right this time. He promises! Do I believe him...well of course not, but I'm his mom and I want a picture of him and so sucker that I am I try again.

And I get this...

Oh how sweet success is. Well at least until Z. looks at me and says "There are you done yet?? I'm ready to get back to my web surfing of important things...like Fred!"
This time when I fall to the floor in a heap and start sobbing uncontrollably he just steps over me and says thanks mom.

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