Thursday, February 8, 2007

Oh Such Emotions

I have been on such an emotional rollercoaster this last week and half. From the moment we first saw the BIG house until now I haven't felt a moments peace. I am constantly back and forth on the move. One second I am ready and can't wait to get there and the next I am so scared and sad to be leaving this house and all that it means to me emotionally. My poor husband is being a champ and trying to make this all as painless as possible but I know he is going through some of the same things. Just maybe not at my level of anxiety. He truly is wonderul, he says we can cancel this at any moment if I say the word. But do I want to say the word. My head says we are doing the right thing but my heart is sending out such a mixed message. On top of that the actual packing up process of moving is so daunting to me. I truly just want to stick my head in the sand but I know that won't accomplish anything. So until we are moved I guess I will have to keep on moving forward. I just hope I like it once we get to where we are going.

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