Friday, February 9, 2007

Toe Nail Clipping

Enough about moving stress at least for a moment. Last night after watching my husband clipping (and I use that word loosely) his toenails I just had to throw up my arms in dispair. He gets these things that look more like over sized cuticle clippers and starts to work on his feet. Well as he is cutting, bits and pieces go flying off into the air landing in various places across the wood floors in our bedroom. Once there they will never be found again until I step on them in the middle of the night and scream in agony since they are like pieces of shattered glass. Naturally being me, I have to comment that their are toenails all over the floor. He just gives me this look like I am crazy and ask me how is he supposed to cut his toenails and not have them fly off into the air. This is where I am actually speechless for a moment. Is he serious? I tell him I use nail clippers naturally. Poor thing just looks at me and says with an exasperated tone that those things never work for him. I have to agree with him here since we all know that male toenails can be quite bad and decide at this point to just give up and deal with the clippings on the floor a while longer. So now I am off in search of a pair of manly toe nail clippers that will cut through nails as thick as a dog claws.

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