Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Do you have a Boxer?

Do you have a Boxer? That's the question one of our neighbors asked us after dark the other night. The reason of course is because our crazy Boxer had gotten out of our backyard. The gate hadn't latched correctly ( hasn't since the neighbor's new fence was put up) so Gigi decided to go out and see what was going on. Now Gigi our Boxer looks exactly like a Boxer named Asia at the end of our street. So some neighbors saw our dog sitting in our front yard and started shooing her home to Asia's house.

And so the night was just beginning. The men finally figured out that Gigi belonged to us and came to confess their mistake and begin the search for our dog. It was already dark and the kids (except for my oldest) were already in bed so my husband got in the truck and headed towards the woods where they think she went. An hour later one of our neighbors came to sit with my children so I could help also. About the time I was giving up and thanking my friend for watching the kids we heard another knock. It was one of the men who shooed Gigi away. He had been riding his bike everywhere looking for her and saw her sitting back in our front yard. He once again tried to help us out by getting her into our back yard but of course she spooked and took off down the street again. "Man she can run fast he says, she outran me on my bike like it was nothing." Gee, thanks I'm thinking. So I call my husband and he looks around again but still can't find her. So I finally tell him to give it up she'll either turn up again or be picked up by the dog catcher. And since it's almost midnight he agreed.

The next morning as I'm getting my very depressed son ready for school the phone rings. It was my neighbor saying that Gigi was hanging out in the front but wouldn't come when he called her. So off I run outside in my pj's with the phone still to my ear. And I see her. My son and I are calling her but she won't come. So we slowly walk up to her and start petting her and finally get her inside where she is overjoyed to be home. She starts scratching to get into her crate where she went to sleep immediately for the next 10 hours. I guess she had a really rough night of it since the darn dog was in HEAT when she got out. I had called the vet to make an appointment to get her fixed the day before but they said it would be more expensive to spay her while she was in season so we decided to wait another week before taking her. It's our own fault for not doing it sooner. So now I am convinced that we will have puppies of unknown origins in around 7 weeks or so. Maybe I should see if any of our helpful neighbors are looking to get a dog?

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4andcounting said...

I'm glad she is home. And we are NOT interested in any puppies, so don't come asking us!