Thursday, March 15, 2007

One more day to Spring Break

I used to look forward to Spring Break with so much excitement. Especially when I got to the one more day until it arrived, I could hardly contain myself. Nowadays I still look forward to Spring Break but not with the same excitement. Because it seems like instead of spending it at home with the family like we would all like to do we always get guilted into visiting one of the grandparents house (usually mine). It's not like we don't enjoy going to visit them but I don't want to spend the entire week down there sitting around while my children seem to spiral further and further out of control. It seems all rules are non existent at grandma's house. And the children know they can get away with more so they push the envelope as far as they can. I truly think it's only enjoyable for the kids who get to break all the rules. But the grandparents are just so excited to have them at their house for a change that they don't even care (or so it seems) at how rotten they behave. For them it's just more stories to tell their friends about.

We are trying to get down to see my parents more now simply because they are beginning to have a hard time maintaining the little things that if unleft turn into big projects. Which really means my husband goes down to help with alot of the big physical jobs. So for us as parents it's really not that much fun. And for us as children it's alot of work while at the same time sad since we know five years ago there would have been no need for this type of help. But as our parents age our roles change and we give up our week off at Spring Break to go help out as best we can and try and enjoys ourselves as much as we can with the Wild Indians running around.

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