Monday, March 19, 2007

Kill the dog

That seems to be the general consensus of everyone we have talked to. Kill that mean dog. We have even had volunteers offer to come and do it for us. Are you wondering what happened to start such an outpouring of support? Well after dinner the other night we decided to go for a walk around the block with the family and our family dog. So we put the baby in the stroller, my two middle children rode their bikes and my oldest ran ahead with a basketball. My husband was holding the leash. And off we went for our walk. As we approach the corner house where I know the dogs will get crazy and bark I warn them all to move past as quickly as they can. One dog is always jumping up on the fence and hanging off it somehow. But this night it wasn't enough for the dog to just jump up and bark at us. It saw our dog and somehow managed to get over the 6 foot fence and went into attack against our dog. As my husband is trying to kick this mean dog off our dog I'm frantically trying to get my children out of harms way. But that dog was everywhere and my husband was in the middle of it all. So I run to ring the doorbell to try and get the owners out to control their dog praying he won't turn on my kids. And he didn't, we got him cornered on the porch and the front door finally opened up. Yelling at the poor boy who opened the door to get his mom or dad. Well mom finally showed up and got the dog inside somehow. And we were only able to get her to say that yes the dog was current on his shots before she locked herself inside and didn't come back out.

Well I am sorry but I am pissed off at this point and this just wasn't enough to my way of thinking. So as soon as we got home I called the police to report this dog attacked us. I wanted it on record before any children were hurt, especially mine. So the next day the animal control officer came and talked to me and then went and talked to the neighbors. The dog did have proof of his vaccinations and would be gone by Sunday. Apparently the mom was the step mom and has always been afraid of this dog. The dad wasn't home at the time so when he got home he called his ex wife and said come get the dog. So hopefully the dog will now be in a place where it can't jump fences and attack other dogs or children. I did go by the house last night and for the first times in months that dog didn't jump up on the fence and bark as I walked past. My only thought was good riddance.

I drove past the house this morning and saw that the dog was still in the backyard so I guess the ex wife didn't come and get him after all. Maybe I'll just have to start carrying pepper spray with me on walks and use it if he comes up on the fence again and tries to get out again. Or I could just call on some of these volunteers we have had.


4andcounting said...

Glad y'all are safe and the dog is gone. That would be very scary to me. When are y'all leaving town? The kids would love to play together.

Queen Of My Domain said...

We are already back. It was just a short visit since they will bring Zach back on Thursday. I'll call you and we can figure it out.