Wednesday, March 21, 2007


It seems that lately dogs seem to be the new theme in my life lately. I don't know why since I really don't like dogs all that much really. I reluctantly agreed to my husband to dog sit for a very old friend of ours. Mainly because the friend is looking for a job and really doesn't need the cost of kennelling his dog. So we had him bring his Border Collie up the other night to see how he got along with the kids and our dog. It all seemed okay so it was decided that Harley would come visit us for about a week. Now our dog has no manners and likes to jump up on people which I am forever trying to fix but she's a work in progress. However Gigi is great with our kids and will take any punishment they can dish out. Harley hasn't been around kids much but was pretty calm the other night. So it's all good right? Well after Harley arrived this morning the kids went out back to play and got on their trikes and such and speeded around the back patio as usual. Well for Harley this proved to be to much chaos for him and his natural instincts at herding kicked in. He started trying to round up my kids and naturally started nipping at their heels. So within two minutes both the kids were in tears screaming that Harley bit them. They were fine just upset at the turn of events in their play. Meanwhile Harley looked quite proud to have restored calm to the back yard. So for the sake of my children's heels the new rule is Harley has to stay inside while they are outside riding around on their wheels.

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4andcounting said...

You are too nice. There is no way I would dogsit with 4 kids and a dog of my own, especially on spring break!