Monday, March 5, 2007

So Unmotivated

We have had so much going on the last two weeks that I am feeling so unmotivated to do anything now. My family was in town over the weekend and I should be trying to catch up on all that needs to be done around the house. But instead I am surfing the net and watching TV with the kids. At least I am working on laundry during all this but still that's only because it HAS to be done. What I really need to be doing is my devotional for tonight since I am not finished yet. But like I said I am unmotivated to do anything at all. Hopefully this laziness on my part will soon pass. Because I have a million things that need to be done. So now I hope to get off the computer and try to go fold some laundry and finish my devotional. Could this just be a case of sping fever? I hope so.

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4andcounting said...

You know I am battling this too. I did get up and get on the treadmill. It felt so good. Hopefully you'll get motivated soon. Until then, don't worry about it. :)