Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Spring Fever

Sprint Fever,I definitely have it. I am itching to be outside in all the nice weather we have been having. I feel like getting the yard all fixed up and planting some new flowers. But instead I have been watching the children play out front with out getting much accomplished. Now that we are finally getting nicer weather we are also having all the problems that come with it. The allergies and asthma have been in full force in our house lately. So even if I can get that twenty minutes I need to work here and there in the yard it would cause an hour of wheezing inside. And while I know we would all enjoy the outdoor time I just hate it when they are to sick to enjoy it. So it's beautiful outside and we are still having to spend a lot of the day inside. Hopefully whatever is in the air will pass soon and we can all be outdoors again without the wheezing and coughing.

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