Sunday, May 27, 2007 dumb dog

Gigi is our dumb dog. She is a boxer and really like any other boxer has way to much energy and enthusiasm. I don't know what on earth my husband (because I blame him completely) was thinking when he decided that a boxer would be a good fit for our family. He wanted a dog, I didn't. He wanted a big dog, if I had to have a dog it would have to be small. I didn't want any dog hair shedding any where in the house and never can a dog be allowed on my furniture. Well, this dumb dog does both. Above all we both agreed that if we had a dog it would have to be great with kids, which is true in our case.

Gigi is great with the kids. She is always willing to play rough with the boys but is very gentle with the girls, especially Baby A. But if you aren't a member of her pack, then she is very protective and has a very big bark to go along with her. So when I got my new camera I thought what better subject to practice on then my dumb dog Gigi. After all she wouldn't pose like a goof ball and beg to instantly see the image on the camera like my children would. And she cooperated initially. She just lied there on the couch she wasn't supposed to be on and let me take her picture.

But when we went outside, it really became to much for my dumb dog. The fact that I was kneeling down was much to appealing for her and she came running towards me thinking she was going to get to play. And ding bat that I am, thinks to myself, cool I can try out the action feature of the camera and see how the action feature works on the camera. Only that dumb dog didn't stop, she kept on running at full speed and knocked me and by brand new camera right over. Then she has the gall to actually look like she is having fun. The dumb dog.

Tell me again why we have you here. Oh yeah I remember now, it's because I'm a ninny and can't say no to my husband and kids when they begged and pleaded for a dog. And then upon agreeing on a dog, I get one that is completely opposite of everything I envisioned. Your huge and you shed a lot, you snore and you drool real bad on top of it all. Yet still I can't get rid of you, because as the kids say, Gigi is family. Dumb Dog.


Kimbie said...

I'm sorry Cindy but I'm rolling on the floor here. The mental image of you trying to use your new camera and being plowed down by Gigi is just too funny. Welcome to the world of large dogs who think they are puppies and lap dogs. It will get better and in the meantime you just have another kid..hehe Thanks for the laugh

Anonymous said...

I also have a boxer.....great loving gentle to our daughter.....untrainable...and downright DUMB. Snores, loud flatulance,has eaten car wires...fence wires, garden hoses, still sometimes urinates in her crate..... pure DUMB.