Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Royal Spa Treatment

I have been to a spa today and received the royal spa treatment. The proprietors of this spa are in my immediate family so I got the works for free. The oldest owner (8 years old) decided that mom needed a special day. Off he went in search of his massage tools. After enduring all that I could take of his gentle shoulder massage I begged for a moment to just to savor how relaxed I could be. It's amazing how much more relaxing it was after he stopped.

Not to be out down the other proprietors (ages 4 and 2) decided that I needed to have my hair done. Off they went to find the brush and comb. I was then brushed and combed until my hair was hanging as limp and straight as it could possibly be. I'm sure that my two year old remembered the times that I encountered tangles while brushing her hair so decided to give a little bit of payback.

Sadly I was unable to stay for the manicure and pedicure since it really was getting late, but maybe next time. All I know is that after such a relaxing day provided courtesy of my children I feel the need to make an appointment for a real massage, but I think I'll have to try a more established spa to frequent. I just won't mention it to my children.

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Kimbie said...

Oh you lucky mommy. I hope you can have a real spa day soon to help you recoup for the lovely spa day provided by your kids. Be thankful they didn't use every barrette in the house like my kids do, I always seem to find one or two stragglers when at the grocery store.