Thursday, May 24, 2007

My request

Today is the last day of school for my son. He is already claiming to miss his teacher and is so sad. So now that he is home for the summer, what can I expect? Lots of requests. My oldest son is full of them from everything to special breakfast requests to the playing with friends and anything else that may catch his eye. He sees something on TV and he wants it, he sees it at the store and wants it, he hears about something and he wants it.

So what is a poor mom to do. I get very tired of saying no all the time. With four kids, when one of them makes a request it is inevitable that the rest will soon follow with their own. So for today, I have a special request to make. I request the creativity needed to keep four children and a mom happy and sane over the summer. Notice I am not requesting patience, just creativity and new ways to deal with things. I am sure that my one single request will be lost among the garble of my children's many requests through out the day. Then again, maybe my one request will be heard by others and I will be granted the creativity that I desire.

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