Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Appreciating my Children

I don't think I as a mom fully appreciate my children enough. That is until you are suddenly surrounded by a bunch of other children that you sometimes just can't help but compare. My children are not perfect by any means. They are loud and very active. My two year old is definitely acting her age right now, but still they are my children. I am used to how they react to things and know how to handle those situations. They listen to me (most of the time) and know what they can absolutely not get away with. My children like to participate in everything. If there is something going on then they want to be in the middle of it having fun.

What brought on this sudden appreciation for my children? I am working at Vacation Bible School this week. I am helping with the games area. This should be a fun area for everyone and you wouldn't think there would be a problem. But there are always going to be some children who will do whatever they can to not be a part of the group. It's very frustrating for me and the other volunteers. We all agree that we are doing the best we can and that we can only encourage the children to participate and not get hurt feelings or become upset. But they are children after all and that is bound to happen.

Regardless, this week has brought a much greater appreciation for my children's teachers and all that they deal with throughout the year. It has also made me appreciate my children a bit more.


Corrie said...

We are doing VBS at our church this week too, and I couldn't agree with you more. I just keep reminding myself that the kids who act out the most are often the kids who need love the most too.
Hope your VBS is a success. Our's ends tonight (Thurs). Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya!! My kids are not perfect, but they are great kids and I don't think I appreciate them enough.
Have fun with VBS, hope it's a big success. Give your kids an extra atta boy this week for being the amazing children they are. You're an amazing mom and an inspiration!

Irritable Mother said...

I understand what you mean.
Often when I am at school and I see the difficult children teachers have to handle, I'm afraid they're all going to quit and school is going to shut down.
Like Corrie said, so many of these kids need lots of lovin'.