Monday, June 4, 2007

Our Red Wagon

I was reminded of something the other day. Do you remember growing up having a wagon? Well I remember playing with ours, pulling it up the big hill and then racing down it with my brother and our next door neighbor, Joe. Sometimes we stopped and sometimes we flipped over or crashed. But we always had a blast doing it.

Our kids have a wagon very similar to the one I had growing up. It has been pulled around by everyone and attached to Big Wheels and bikes alike to make a trailer. Since they don't have a hill to drag it up and race down they have had to come up with their own ways to make it race around at break neck speed risking bodily injury. The other day the little kids actually talked some of the big kids into giving them a little taste of a speeding wagon. The big kids would just run as hard as they could and then when the wagon would finally outpace their running they would let it go and crash into someones yard. No one was injured and from the looks of it, everyone had a blast.

I had completely forgotten about some of the dangerous things we did with our wagon growing up until I saw the kids out playing. I can only imagine what they will come up with next and I can only hope to have a camera and first aid kit close by.


Irritable Mother said...

My kids love their wagon, too. And they enjoy some of the games that seem to beg for bodily injury as well. But they're having fun, and the hospital is just a few blocks away from our house...though I always remind them I don't want to have to enjoy that convenience! lol

Corrie said...

I love our red nostalgic! Cute new look, btw. Nan did a great job!