Thursday, June 14, 2007

Dirty Jobs

Have you ever watched the show Dirty Jobs on Discovery channel? It's one that my husband and I will watch on occasion usually with me completely grossed out about something or another. My husband meanwhile is fascinated by this type of programming.

Apparently my oldest son is alot like my husband. He has discovered the nastiness of Dirty Jobs and is only to thrilled to come and tell me all about what cool new things they can do with manure. Something to do with the testorone coursing through his veins I guess.

This morning he has gone back and forth between watching Dirty Jobs and Myth Busters. (Another of hubby's favorites) Only this time he was excited because they were going to be doing something with a chicken and a cannon. Huh? What was that? When I finally asked him to please go enlighten his brain and read something, my oldest son replies. "C'mom mom this manure stuff is educational and I always wanted to learn about canons and chickens. What would you rather me do watch cartoons, play gameboy or watch educational tv." Yeah right, nice try, whatever. I know it's all about the manure isn't it.

Maybe I can educate him some more with some hands on experience and send him out to the backyard to do manure control out there.


Corrie said...

Ha ha ha. You cracked me up with this! Hope he enjoys the manure whether on television or in the back yard!

Irritable Mother said...

What do you bet your son comes up with a way to turn manure into something incredibly useful and valuable, gets awarded some major prize for it, and as he's giving his acceptance speech he says something like this?
"I'd first like to thank my dear mother for allowing me to watch all those episodes of Dirty Jobs. It was all the shows about manure which inspired me to achieve the things I've accomplished today. Mom, the world owes a great deal to you. You're the best!"

Kimbie said...

HAHAHAHA, come on Mom, nothing like an education on manure! Thanks for the laugh!