Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Time to Recover

Well after our very busy weekend here I am trying to recover. The laundry is piled up and the house is a mess. Baby A, is not feeling well and is on medicine so hopefully she will be doing better soon. Grandmama and Pappy left this morning so all the kids are bored and missing them already.

I have yet to tell them that we are supposed to be meeting an old dear friend from high school tomorrow. I haven't seen her in over a year and we have both had babies since then. There is always a big bunch of us that meet up when she comes into town and since we all have children we tend to meet in child friendly places. We have decided to brave the tubes of death at Chuck E Cheese since most of the kids are big enough to enjoy them without needing mom right next to them. Hopefully they will be on their best behaviour and let us mom's catch up with each other.


Corrie said...

Have fun with your girlfriends! I love doing that...hope the kids will cooperate for you guys!

Irritable Mother said...

First, I hope you all have a great time at Chuck's tomorrow!
Second, you just reminded me a friend of mine from high school called a few days ago, and I haven't called her back yet. Thanks!!! :)