Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Shopping for Girls

Shopping for girls is so much different than for boys. Boys have the basic style and you really don't have much to accessorize with. You can keep your boys always looking cute and not spend the entire bank balance in the process. But girls, boy they can break the bank in no time. Now since I have two girls who just happen to be younger than my niece I haven't gone broke just yet. But I am sure my time is coming. It is sheer will power that keeps me from buying cute clothes for them constantly. I mean who can resist when they have all these pretty spring colors. But since I have drawers of clothes for my girls and lots of hand me downs I always feel like there isn't a need to spend a lot of money on new clothes for them. Accessories and shoes on the other hand I will splurge on. I think they are to cute when the shoes match. Sadly my daughters don't agree and K. insist on wearing her pink flip flops with everything. Now my girls are finally at ages where I can even buy matching outfits for them. I know, I know, I swore to never do that sort of thing. But that was before I realized how cute it would look in pictures. What is a mom to do? I can't exactly go out and buy these cute outfits in my size and not look like some loony lady who has lost her mind. So instead of developing a nervous tick of some sort I have decided that next time I see a cute pair of matching outfits that I will buy them for the girls. Then maybe, I will be over this latest compulsion of mine to have them matching.


4andcounting said...

My girls have had matching outfits many times. I have tried not to do it as much lately, though. They still like it, so I don't worry too much about it. It is cute and fun to have the pictures.

Kimbie said...

Enjoy having them match while you can. My mom did that to my sister and I and we hated it. My girls wouldn't stand for it when they were little, so I missed out. It is fun for pictures and stuff though. I have to agree girls can break the bank, especially with shoes..lol

Corrie said...

I love dressing my girls alike even though they are four years apart...I'm doing it while they will still let me. ha ha!
Happy shopping!
Oh, and I laughed so hard at your comment on how it would look if you matched them. That is so true!