Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another busy weekend

We have another busy birthday weekend planned here. Add that to the swim lessons and baseball games and out of town company. I really should be cleaning or shopping but I'm not. Nope instead I am sitting around on my hiney reading a book and loving every second of it. Gotta love it when I just give up and decide to claim a few minutes for myself. It's either that or clean the bathrooms and we all know what any sane person would do.


Corrie said...

I would be doing the same thing if I could...enjoy!

4andcounting said...

What are you reading? And I would definitely do as you are doing. Anytime there is an opportunity to sit and read it must be seized. Oh, and you can borrow the book now b/c I'm not terribly concerned with finishing it right away.

Kimbie said...

Good for you, getting some time to read. I would be doing the same thing, but no time for it here. What are you reading? I am determined to find some quiet reading time and would love a good suggestion.
Have a great weekend!