Monday, June 25, 2007

Random Things

1. My parents who were in town for K.'s birthday left this morning. This means that my children are exceptionally whinny and testing all the limits.

2. My house and laundry are once again out of control and I really should be focusing on them today. But I'm not. Instead I'm doing a million of other little things.

3. We are supposed to leave town at the end of the week for my niece's wedding. I really can't say that I'm all that excited about the trip. It's a nine hour drive and we will only really be there for a day and a half. Hopefully we will get a hotel this time instead of trying to camp out in the house. They have enough going on without adding our noisy bunch.

4. Swim lessons are going great for the kids. Hoss is able to go into our community pool now without floaties since he can touch and loves diving for toys. K. is doing super also. It's been fun to watch how much they are improving. Z. is loving his advanced class and so it's been a win win for everyone.

5. We only have a couple of more baseball games left for Z. to play. It's always fun when he makes the All Stars but it really drags the season out a long time. With the heat we have had, I'm ready to be done.

6. I'm hoping to get everything I need done before tomorrow so that I will have a few days to relax before being stuck in a car for along time. Guess that means I better get started on it.

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