Thursday, March 6, 2008

Not your typical Texas day

It's March 6. That usually means that for those of us in Texas, spring is here, or well on it's way. And last weekend it was a beautiful 70 degrees outside. But since it is Texas we get fluke weather sometimes. And it appears that this is one of those times. We actually have snow for the second time this week. My children are in snow heaven. I even pulled out the old snowsuit my oldest used to wear while we lived in Finland. It's a bit short for Hoss, but he is nice and warm and somewhat dry so he doesn't care about the high water look so much. Instead all they can do is play in the snow.

And for us in Texas, especially in March, this is proving to be a regular blizzard. Look at how much snow has fallen on my angel in the last two hours. I don't think it's snowed this fast and this much in years.

Okay all you true snow bunnies, you can stop laughing at how excited we are over what to you looks like a dusting of snow. I can hear the pleading for Hot Chocolate aleady.


lmstephenson said...

The pictures of the kids playing in the snow is quite the contrast to the birthday party pictures. We should be getting the snow in Indiana tomorrow! If it is going to be cold, it may as well snow.


Heather said...

that is great. hey-i would have been excited too if we only had snow two times a year vs what we did in NY. this is why I'm in FL now LOL

Anonymous said...

We are expecting about 4 inches of snow tonight, and that is a lot for us. We haven't had that much in years. My kids are so excited that they might get to make a snowman!

Anonymous said...

Any snow is enough to get excited about. I thought about you and the kids this morning as I was watching the big snow storm in Denton. Glad the kids had a good time.