Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Three, that is the number of times in the last week and a half that we have seen a snake in our back yard. Three is also the number of dead snakes in our backyard. Sorry, I'm not the granola type, if there is a snake in my yard then it will be killed. Especially if the last snake last night decided to sun itself on my back porch. So now we have examined the body of these headless creatures and surfed the Internet for pictures of snakes and we have come to the conclusion that we are being visited by one of these two types of snakes. It is either a water moccasin like we originally thought or it is a harmless garter snake who has had the misfortune of slithering into our yard. The problem is that since Hubs is chopping off the heads of these snakes I am unable to get a good look at the heads to determine if it truly is a water moccasin. So until I can determine for sure what the heads look like then I have to assume that they aren't garter snakes. So if any of you know what a baby water moccasin would look like without a head and can positively identify one then please let me know how to do it. Because I am sick of snakes in the back yard. Hubs is sick of mowing the grass every three days to keep it short so the snakes won't like it and I am sick of being told that I need a cat to keep the snakes away. Like I really need any more creatures or children to tend to right now. I don't think so. What I do need is to go and buy about a million bags of snake away and spread it around the house and yard.


Heather said...

oy vey!!

SJ said...

Ack! I hate snakes! Hate them! I've been exactly in your shoes many times (when we lived in TX) and I do NOT miss it (we're in MT now).

I've lurked on your blog off and on and thought I'd *finally* leave a comment. And just wanted to give a sympathetic hug with the snakes thing. I'm like you...whack 'em first, ask questions later!

Anonymous said...

YIKES!! I would be freakin out, but I really, really don't like snakes. I hope you find a way to keep them away. I would be afraid to go in the backyard till then..lol