Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Two of a Kind

I know I promised pictures of A. and they are of course a day late. It is well worth the wait however, in my opinion anyways, and since I am her mama and this is my blog then it's settled and we all agree and I can continue on. (You can now catch your breath after that long run on sentence)

A. really enjoyed herself and her presents. I must admit to not being very sneaky when buying her presents this year. I figured she probably wouldn't remember and would still be surprised when she opened them. But I was wrong. She apparently has the memory of an elephant and did remember. She found one of her presents which had all her new beads and necklaces and before we were ready she had opened it up and was wearing them. But since it was her birthday and unless it's serious you never get into big trouble on your birthday (at least in our house) she just kept on wearing them and was completely ready for Mardi Gras just in case it should make a surprise appearance on the calender. (Wow, another run on) She got lots of pretty dress up things and a very pretty doll from her Grandmama. When she's wearing her dress she looks a bit like her doll so it's two of kind in the princess department. Now she has something to wear when big sister is playing dress up. She doesn't know it's just a nightgown and I'm not going to tell her. She can figure that out some other time. Then she proceeded to try and blow out her candle and lick as much icing off her pink cake as she could. She did have a bit of help in that department with the rest of the kids. I think I now have a big cake with all the icing licked off and nothing but white cake left. For most moms, this would mean throw the cake out but I know my kids and they will eventually want some cake even without icing and so it still remains in our kitchen.

Anyways that's how her day went and she loved every minute of it.


Kellan said...

I'm glad she loved it. Cute picture of your sweet darling and pretty dress and cute doll!!!!

Take care and have a good evening - Kellan

lmstephenson said...

That is a cute picture! I can't believe she is 2 already. Time flies.


Heather said...

sounds wonderful!!! :)

Anonymous said...

How cute! Glad she had a good day!

Shari said...

She looked like she was having a good birthday. It's a cute dress.

No arguments about posting a day late. Good things come to those who wait.

Anonymous said...

What a little doll she is! I can't believe she is 2 already, where has the time gone?? She is just beautiful.(as are all your kids) Thanks for posting a pic of her.

Don Mills Diva said...

That picture is just absolutely priceless!

BTW - I added you to my blogroll!