Friday, June 6, 2008

Another victory for mom

Today has been one small victory after another small victory for mom. It's the first day with everyone home for the summer so I expected a few problems. I just didn't expect them to involve Wal mart quite so soon. Z. was promised a new video game if he got all A's on his report card. So naturally he was ready to collect on dad's promise immediately. I agreed to take him to the store but told him I had to pick up a few things as well. We also had to make one short stop along the way. So the one small stop along the way was to get my boys a haircut. Now normally this is met with much whining,crying and complaining. But not this time. The call of the video game put both boys in a much more agreeable mood. I then did go to buy the promised game along with a few groceries and here is where the other small victroy came in. I actually didn't end up with a ton of other things the kids wanted in the basket. No, it was only the few things I couldn't do without over the weekend. So miracously the shopping trip wasn't a beating for me. I have now got four happy and content children all doing thier own thing without fighting. And that's one small pleasure I intend to enjoy. And no I don't think it has anything to do with the root beer that's been promised to them at dinner if they behave.


Kellan said...

It's always hard for my kids to adjust to being home - unwinding from school - and being together. So far, so good over here too! Good luck to you and congrats to Z for the all A's!!

Take care - Kellan

Heather said...

hooray! that IS good! :)