Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Why is it that my dear sweet Hubs doesn't understand the significance of our very busy two year old when she is utterly quiet.

Shall I just say that now he does understand the significance of her quietness. It usually means that she is up to something. Something like pulling the sink stopper up and turning on the water in the boys bathroom and then leaving it on. It usually means that when mom gets back from her walk he is frantically trying to clean up the floor with towels before the water pools anymore and starts to leak through the ceiling.

Meanwhile mom is just glad it wasn't her this happened to.


Heather said...

LOL...I don't think Men will ever quite get certain things the way we do!

Kellan said...

Uh-OH! I'd have been glad it didn't happen to me either! Yes - silence is not golden when there are little ones roaming the house - tee hee!

Take care - Kellan