Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Not Possible

Today is the inauguration of our new President. And yes I know this is a historic day on so many different levels. I'm excited about some of the the history being made. I'd love to be able to have my children witness this change of power in person someday with me. Of course it will never happen because I just don't like being in crowds, but it would still be awesome to watch. But at the same time, it is barely 8am and I'm already tired of some of the news coverage going on. The things that they feel we need to know just in order to fill air time just drives me crazy. So while I will probably tune in to watch the actual inauguration process where the new President will be sworn in, it's not possible for me to watch it all. So just give me the highlights and leave all the fluff alone already, I've still got a house full of kids to take care of today.


Ginny said...

I agree, but I'm so excited & hopeful that I can't look away! Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. This is so incredibly awesome!!! :-)

nicole said...

I wasn't planning on watching much, but I got sucked in. I dashed to the gym and pounded out 2.5 miles quickly so I could get home for the actual event.

I'm going to post about my thoughts tomorrow. We are blessed regardless of the politics of the person in office.

Anonymous said...

I barely watch news any more. I just get the highlights on line. You can see the most important parts without spending so much time on it!