Friday, January 23, 2009

Quick Takes

I am so stealing this idea from my friend Nicole. I know she will understand. I just give a few random things (I think)about what's going on. This saves me from actually having to come up with a true blog post.

So without further ado.

1. I cut K. hair for the first time ever this week. She's 4 1/2 and it was long enough to get caught in her bottom during bath time. Enough said. It is now a short and sassy length (to her) of mid back. She can wear it down, and I can still put it up. See everyone wins.

2. I am also a dork like my local friends who are excited about a new grocery store opening close to us. Another option without the traffic is always something to be excited about. I plan on going here in a bit to so some shopping and enjoy all the freebies that go with a grand opening.

3. I think I have found a solution for my child care issue on the few occasions that I need it. Some of my neighbors have used this facility before and it's a pay as you go type place. Plus it's good for all ages and stays open till midnight (can you say date?) I am checking into it further but so far it seems promising.
Plus they have all kinds of camps they offer during the summer months when the kids tend to get bored.

4. The treadmill and I have come to agreements. I don't like it as much as walking outside, but it's pretty darn convenient. So I'm still using it.

5. Lost started back up this week. Can I tell you how excited I am. Very. I now have something non reality to waste my time with. Can't say it's time better spent but it's still good.

6. Tomorrow is K. first back to back birthday party invites. So it should be fun for her and torture for me. I have a dollar amount that I allow for presents but the ones she picked out were even below that. So she added these giant circle lollipops to the gifts. I think she is more excited about those than anything else.

7. Homework has been hard this week. Z. has two teachers that for whatever reason both had huge projects due. So with all this nice weather we have been having, we have missed alot of it since homework has to come first. Stinks to be a grownup sometimes.

So there we have it. For more quick takes visit Jen

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nicole said...

Was the store a total zoo when you went? There were so many vendors and Kroger officials that I could barely get through the aisles. I couldn't even appreciate the new and big store.

Treadmills are nice options for these freezing cold days. I still say you should join the gym and come to classes with me. It would be fun!