Friday, February 6, 2009

A Talk with the teacher

I had a talk with K.'s teacher this morning. It was very enlightening to say the least. Ms. Tammy asked me if my husband was doing okay. So I told her yes, he was doing good and would be back from Finland very soon. At this, she looked very relieved and started to laugh. She then told me about a conversation she had with my daughter.

K.,my daughter told Ms. Tammy that her dad was in heaven. Ms. Tammy asked her if she was sure and K. said yes she was very sure. Her mommy had dropped her daddy of at the drive thru and then he went to heaven. He'd be back in a few days.

Of course by now I am laughing and wondering why she came up with this. I can only guess that to her the airport is the drive thru and the planes then fly up to heaven. I still don't know for sure and will talk to her this afternoon about it. But I'm still laughing at this. Especially since I didn't drive Hubs to the airport, he drove himself and left his truck in long term parking.

I'm just glad that he was able to get a return ticket from heaven and I'm sure when I tell him, he'll be just as relieved.


Anonymous said...

That is too cute! I am sure she was relieved to know the real story!

nicole said...

Kids are funny.

Ginny said...

That is great. It reminds me of two things...
To write down the funny things kids say (Andy once called a rainbow "days and weeks" because in his rhyme bible, on the page about the flood there was a small picture of a rainbow and he looked at it as we read "Days and weeks and months went by before the ground was finally dry."
It also makes me wonder how kids learn about death. Just this school year Judson told his teacher that his dad died. Just, matter of fact... she was shocked (as she'd met David and then had developed a whole story about how I'd moved on so quickly after his death). We both laughed when we spoke about it. Maybe Judson was learning about lying instead of death. Oh well... more quality parenting opportunities missed. :-) Just kidding... he and I talked about both.

nicole said...

Regarding the book, another friend currently has it, but I will be happy to give it to you when she returns it to me. See you tomorrow?