Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Pre School

My youngest son has started pre-school two days a week now. While I am glad of the little extra time that it gives me. I am at the same time heartbroken that he is now one step further away from me. He brings me such joy, a very loud joy. He is also able to bring me such frustration along with all the joy. For example we were doing his "homework" for school and his ideas and mom's idea about what we should be doing aren't always in sync with each other. So since it's just preschool (and his first week of it) I decided to go ahead and let his idea be the one we went with. I just hope he can explain the things he is going to share with the class tomorrow other wise there is no telling how his circle time will go. And I must confess that yes it was very hard for mommy not to have his homework in perfect order. But boy is he proud of his own work, which brings me more of that joy I mentioned.

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