Wednesday, February 28, 2007

No Longer Fenced In

We get so used to living in our fenced in little world. Growing up we had a back yard with a fence but it was made of rocks and concrete. So my parents would send me out to play without a worry that I would get into any danger. Fast forward thirty years and now it is my turn to send my children out into the back yard where they will play. Meanwhile I am secure in the knowledge that they can't get out front and disappear on me. Even though technically my son's do know how to open the gate they never do it without permission. My runaway two year old would easily run off if given half the chance along with her partner in crime our dog. As of yesterday I am now in for a week of worry and extra hassle. The reason is simply because our neighbor next door decided to replace his entire fence and so we are without one entire wall of fence. While it's great that the fence is being replaced, it is a new found freedom that both children and dog alike are loving. I can no longer just throw them out back to play and burn off some energy this week with out first leashing the dog and going out to watch them. The desire of all involved to go and explore all these new and undiscovered backyards is hard to contain. I know that by the end of the week they will all have peeked into the neighbors windows and sniffed around all the yards. The joy they are experiencing at no longer being fenced in is probably equal to the pain that I feel at having to keep up with them when they go outside to play. So if there is a way to get the fence man to put up our fence any quicker than maybe our helpful children and barking dog will spark the initiative to do it, along with a begging mom of course.

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