Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Working towards a Happier Day

There are some days that everything just works out perfectly and the children are all reasonably well behaved. So far today it has been one of those days despite the illness running through our home. Everyone is in good moods even after visits to the doctor's office and pharmacy. Is it because I am in a better mood or is it because I have a different perspective on things. I am going to assume it's a little bit of both. But I will take it for what it is worth and enjoy it as long as it last. Because with four children it never lasts longer than a day or two at most. But my mood is definitely better and I can only attribute that to my Lenten activities. They are very basic and simple activities but I must confess that some days are harder to achieve them. That is until I was reading another blog somewhere and someone made a reference to TiVo' ing their favorite shows on EWTN. I was struck by a lightning bolt moment and realized that yes I can do that also. So that is what I have been doing. So maybe that is why my day is a lot easier than it should be with sick children. Because I have been willing to spend my time in prayer (in particular the Rosary, one of my favorites) and in doing so have been blessed by the Lord's grace.

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4andcounting said...

I keep meaning to record the Rosary and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy so that I can turn them on whenever the mood strikes. I'm glad to hear the atmosphere is more positive around there. Things here are a little tense, as I feel miserable and the kids are getting antsy and restless. I'll try to change my attitude though.