Monday, February 26, 2007

Oh So Tired

But well worth it. Had a wonderful weekend of fun. Even with the nasty dust storm we had during our party on Saturday. So much food and drinks and all shared with friends we hadn't seen in a while. I was telling one of my friends that I don't remember having so much going on in a long time. It kind of reminded me of a wedding weekend. You know with the party, luncheon and then a shower. The only thing missing was an actual wedding to attend. Thank goodness I probably would have fallen asleep by then. But by this morning it was back my normal routine. Or so I thought. My oldest was sick all day and my baby wasn't much better. Then when I thought it could get no worse, my poor husband comes home sick with the same stomach bug everyone else seems to have. So we are off to spend more money at the Dr's office. But me I can barely wait to crawl into bed and hibernate for a year or two.

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