Friday, February 23, 2007

Having a life!

Sometimes as a mom of four I forget that yes I can actually have a life that doesn't include my children at all times. Sometimes it's really a lot more fun if it's adults only. Well this weekend promises to be more of an adult only weekend than a mom weekend for me. Granted the children will be with us but since I will only be with them sporadically it's kind of like they aren't there. I am really looking forward to both parties that are going on this weekend. Normally we will go months without an actual invite for a "real" party. But as it usually happens when you finally do have something to do there will be another "something" come up that you want to do as well.

Saturday is our big going away party we are having for our friend and boy has it snowballed. We now have over 40 people coming to our home. Granted our home isn't small but it's really not big enough to have that many people indoors. So I'm sure we will be popping at the seams. I can't wait. Then Sunday is the girls only afternoon. I am even more excited about this one and know I will probably enjoy it more knowing my sweet husband is minding our four children with what I know will be a heck of a hangover. Is that a little mean of me? I really don't intend for it to be that way but normally it's me that deals with the children all day after a late night. But for his sake I will talk to them about being good for daddy.

Yes, as you can see I am excited. I have a life again, if only for a weekend.

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4andcounting said...

Sounds fun! Adults only is a good thing. I have found that I don't cut loose like I used to, even when the kids are not with me, because I know I will have to take care of those little ones the next morning. Have a great weekend!