Monday, February 19, 2007

Girl Scout cookies

What is it about Girl Scout cookies? Every year I buy my usual assortment of cookies and every year the boxes seem to contain less cookies but cost more money. Don't get me wrong, I know that they go for a good cause and all but really $3.50 for 15 cookies. That's 23 cents a cookie, I could almost buy a small pack of gum for that one cookie. Meanwhile I'm sure the cookies are just as good as they always have been but for some reason they just don't seem to do it for me anymore. And with the exception of the Thin Mints they don't seem to impress anyone else in the family that much either. So I guess that this year will probably be the last year we buy cookies from the little girls that come knocking on the door. I'm sure we will still buy the one obligatory box from the neighbor's girls but that's really no biggie there. So unless we know the little girl selling the cookies (or their parents) really well I am now going to hang out a sign that says "No girl scout cookies please".

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4andcounting said...

We managed to avoid buying cookies this year. I would have purchased from one of several girls at church if asked, but we weren't, so I didn't. I agree with you--it is hard to stomach paying that much for a small box of cookies. Chips Ahoy are cheaper! Good luck in cutting back next year.