Thursday, February 22, 2007

Life with kids

Life with children is never really what you expect it to be is it. They drive you completely crazy one minute then the next they are declaring their undying love to you. And for what, absolutely nothing. They just feel like sharing that one emotion they are feeling that moment with you and doing it in a sweet and open way that we lose as we mature. I often wonder why my children are so good at always telling me and my husband how much they love us and they tell each other that as well. I'm sure other children tell their siblings as well I have just never noticed it before. I know we always tell our children how much we love and cherish them and if we are proud of an accomplishment then we tell them that as well. But is it our actions towards our children that are coming through in their current behaviour. I know I have been out of patience with the littlest things lately and have been showing my frustration more than I should. So maybe I should take a lesson from my children and just be a bit more easy going and not so quick to get upset over the proverbial glass of spilt milk. And for those wonderful gifts that drive me to insanity and back I hope I can show my appreciation to you today for the small gift you have given me because "yes, I do love you to sweetheart."

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