Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Things that annoy

Last night my husband opened a can of worms when he asked me what are some things that annoy you. This is after I told him he was cutting the casserole we were having in the wrong direction. Yes, I am anal and I know it but I had to tell him since I was starting to have nervous ticks in my face. He was cutting his portion along the longest length of a 9 x13 baking pan. I in my strange quirky world, I have to have it cut along the shorter length. Now this is obviously not the first time this has happened during our almost eleven years of marriage. I really try not to mention it most the time since he always forgets and does it "his" way the next time. But since he asked why I was making such a pained face I told him. Which then brought on the discussion of what other things annoy me. Now not wanting this to turn into a huge discussion on each of our faults I focused on the question. What annoys me? He didn't ask "what things do I do that annoy you?" but he said "what annoys you?" So thankfully I jumped all over the question. I probably amazed him with all the passion I had on the different things that annoy me. I could tell it wasn't what he was expecting since none of my annoyances involved him (at least the ones that I mentioned) but we enjoyed ourselves. We also discovered a few new annoyances that we share together. I guess even after eleven years we still don't know everything.

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