Monday, March 26, 2007

She said yes..

Have you ever just been amazed at something and then wonder if you would be able to rise to the occasion. I am just always amazed at the way the Virgin Mary said yes. She said yes to God and in doing so became the mother of our Lord. What would have happened if she said no. We all have free will including Mary so technically she could have said no. Granted she was handpicked by our Lord to be Christ's mother but still...she said yes. Imagine the joy and pain she had to endure during Christ's life and death and further Resurrection. None of it would have happened if she hadn't said yes. I am constantly trying to follow her example. I feel very inadequate some days in doing so but continue to try. I hope someday to be worthy of her grace and our Lord's and hope when asked I will say "yes".

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