Monday, May 14, 2007

Momumentous task

I have tackled a momumentous task this weekend. I have finally gotten every snap shot that has been taken for the last five years into albums. Well most of them anyway, the good ones. I was finally pushed into doing this when my son's pre school requested a baby picture. I couldn't find one and had to dig into a huge tub where all the photos had been placed by my husband. I finally located one for his school. But in the process came across all these other photos of all the kids that really were cute but were hidden away. So now instead of only having baby pictures of my oldest son in an album, we now have all four of the kids from their first pictures to now. Granted some of them may be a bit out of order here and there, but for the most part they aren't to bad and they are labeled. As for the kids, they are excitedly looking at all these neat pictures of themselves from when they were babies and are thrilled.

And it came at a great time for me since I received a new digital camera and am desperately trying to figure it out. Then I can get more pictures to put in the albums. But the one thing I noticed when putting the albums together, I'm hardly ever in any pictures. I am always the one taking the pictures. And of course I feel silly telling my husband to take a picture of me, please. I guess I really should since the kids will one day want to see the pictures with me in them. Then again, maybe I will just start using the timer on my new camera and then I can be in all the pictures. Anyways, I am just so relieved to have finally gotten them all organized and put into albums. That's a huge thing for me.

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Irritable Mother said...

OK, I have only just met you, and already you're making me jealous!!!
I am so far behind getting my family pictures into an album, I'm tempted to just forget about it. In fact, I picked up our spring break pictures from Sam's Club two weeks ago, and I haven't even looked at them yet! UGH.
But you inspire me (in the midst of my jealousy *wink*) to keep plugging along.