Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Week Without Dad

I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be just like any other day. I made it until about 9 a.m. before I realized otherwise. It was at this time that my husband called and asked me to pack him a suitcase. They needed to put him on the plane to Finland before the end of the day. When I asked the dreaded question of how long I was given the answer "just until Thursday". It wasn't until I was counting socks that I realized that meant he would be gone a week. Man is he lucky the laundry is caught up. I explained it to my youngest kids and they immediately went to work making a map for daddy to take in case he gets lost. My oldest son Z, will not be happy to hear about this when he gets home from school. But he is always such a big help when dad is gone that I know I can count on him.

So for the next week it's just mom. I get to deal with all the regular stuff I do everyday, without the hope of relief in the evenings. It's always a struggle at first but somehow God gets me through these times with more patience then I realized that I possess. These trips make me realize how much I do depend on my husband and how much I do depend on God. As they say, God will never give me more than I can handle.

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4andcounting said...

I'm totally in your shoes, but not for as long and with notice. O.H. left for San Francisco yesterday and doesn't return until Friday. It is hard not to get down thinking there will be no relief in the evening, but somehow I manage. I usually put the kids to bed a little earlier. :)