Tuesday, May 15, 2007

My life of addiction

I have addiction in my life. First thing in the morning if I don't get my coffee then you better watch out. I just don't function without it. I am trying to cut it down. I have gone from 4-5 cups to about 2 or 3. My poor children really know that mommy is nicer after her first cup has been consumed. This is a recent addition that has only been acquired within the last 6 years or so. I'm not the only one with this addiction. I know many other moms who suffer in silence along with me.

My other addictive vice is caffeine free Diet Cokes or diet Dr Pepper. I dream about these drinks. The sweet flavor they have and how if they are so much better when they are ice cold. I refuse to dilute the flavor of these drinks by adding ice cubes. Give it to me plain in a glass where I can watch the bubbles float up. Gosh, how sad do I sound. Yes I know I have a problem. I have shared this addictive problem with my husband only he is not the purist I am and will still add ice to his drinks.

I have also inadvertently shared my addiction with my almost three year old daughter, K. Now please don't think I am one of those mom's who put coke in their baby's bottles because I don't, at least not technically. But for K, she is just like her mama. She sees the way I watch my drink as I pour it and she does the same. Her lips literally quiver in excitement as she ask if she can have some. And bad mom that I am, I give her a sip so that she will go away and leave me and my coke alone. It has gotten so bad that I now have to hide in another room or turn on the faucet, just to open a coke and pour it in a glass without K. hearing it.

I guess the responsible thing for a mom to do would be to stop letting her drink it. And I know if will be agony for both her and I if she sees that I am getting what she so desperately wants. So it looks like now I will have to give up my caffeine free diet drinks along with cutting back on coffee.

Sigh...what else can I do. I truly am sad about this. How sad is that?

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4andcounting said...

I can just imagine her little eyes lighting up as you pour your soda. I don't share my soda with my kids, but thankfully, my girls don't even want it. C would totally drink it if I let him, but he accepts that it is Mommy's. I would say you might have to give up the soda while the kids are awake, but you can still enjoy it later. In fact, I look forward to putting the kids to bed and then enjoying a dessert I don't want to share or something along those lines.
I hope the coffee addiction weakens. I'm so glad I have never had to deal with that particular vice. French fries, on other hand, are a whole other issue. :)