Friday, January 12, 2007

It's raining it's pouring..mommy it's boring

Well here it is Friday afternoon on a long weekend for some of us and it is raining. Not only that it's supposed to rain all weekend long. Now if it was just me I would love nothing more than a long rainy weekend to do nothing with. But unfortunately it isn't just me. I have four very active children and an enormous dog with no place to get rid of all their energy. So I might as well just give in and let them jump on the couch and litter my floor with toys that they will only play with for five minutes before discarding. So let the fighting and bickering begin (although technically it already has) and for good measure let's toss in a couple of I'm bored's as well. I have a feeling I will be saying an awful lot of Hail Mary's this weekend. Hopefully praying to the blessed Mother will give me the strength and patience that I know I am going to need. Meanwhile maybe those videos I rented will finally be watched this weekend by me and my hubby. I can hope can't I.

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