Monday, January 15, 2007

The First Sleep Over

I remember having sleep overs at my friends homes when I was growing up. They were always alot of fun since it meant no parents and getting to stay up late talking and playing with which ever friend I was with. Well last night was my oldest son's turn at having his first sleep over and boy did it bring some memories back. The excitement both boys had when they realized that each of their mothers had agreed was such fun to watch. To them it was like winning the lottery. Now since the sleep over was at our house I didn't get to see the process of packing for the sleep over but I did get in on a little of the "planning" what to do that night. My son asks me at dinner "Mom, can you help me find something to wear for my sleep over tonight?" My husband and I just laughed and of course I did. (Who would think a boy would worry about what to wear) Then the issue of where to sleep came up. Silly me thought they would just sleep on the bunk beds but no they decided sleeping bags on the cold hard floor were a much better idea.

When the big moment arrived and my son's friend arrived there was a flurry of excitement and then nothing. I barely saw the boys the rest of the evening. I know they were here but they had holed themselves up in his room. They proceeded to trade baseball cards, play cars, make bugs with the bug maker machine and make a cool night light out of the Lite Brite. I told them I was off to bed and they had to have lights out at eleven and I think they were actually pretty close to that when they did get to bed. And naturally they were up by six in the morning full of energy and lots of whispering. Then it all began again except for a small break for breakfast. By the time lunch time rolled around I could tell my son was exhausted so it was time to call an end to the fun. So he helped pack up his friend and watched him walk back home next door. So now I am again reminded of another part of the sleep over I had forgotten about. The total exhaustion that follows one. My oldest is now curled up on the sofa under a blanket fighting to stay awake. But for him it was so worth it, "it was the best time he ever had." I'm sure that it definitely ranks up there for him and it was great to be reminded of the fun and pure joy a sleep over can bring to a child.

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