Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Quest for the Perfect Haircut

We as women are constantly changing our hair style in search of the great "new" look. I currently have shoulder length hair which my husband says he loves but which I can not wait to get rid of at my next appointment. I am sure when I come home he will be sad to see my somewhat lengthy locks gone. I however will be glad to have no more hair constantly being pulled by my 9 month old and hopefully will no longer have as many "bad" hair days. And hope by getting a new look I will magically look younger and thinner (wink wink).

I think that for men having a wife with long hair is kind of like owning a Ferrari or a Porche. Once we women cut our hair we go from that top of the line sports car to the everyday sedan or perhaps even the dreaded "minivan". And let's face it most of probably did have long or longer hair when we were dating and in our younger days. But motherhood and necessity soon take over and we all normally end up with shorter hair. So for our husbands we go from these "hot chicks" to these "soccer moms" and sometimes it may be a little harder for them to adjust to that idea than it is for us women. So who knows maybe I'll surprise my husband by coming home with short hair but instead of being a brunette I'll be a redhead or maybe even a blonde. He can always hope right.

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