Monday, February 12, 2007

What's for dinner

The ever famous question. My husband and I go around this at least a hundred times in a month it seems. But we never seem to be able to decide on anything. Well for me at least I know what is for dinner tonight but even better than that, I know what I am going to make my husband for dinner on Valentine's Day. It's something he loves and I never really make it for him that often. Shame on me I know. Especially since I like it as well. But since the kids don't like it, we just don't have it that much. So as a special treat for him (and me) I have already got the menu planned. Now for me to figure out what to do about the present....hmmm. Still working on that one.


4andcounting said...

We have had the same discussion more times than I count. I recently started planning our meals though, and it has made a huge difference. I find myself a lot less stresesd about getting dinner on the table because I know what I am going to make and about how long it will take to prepare it. This has been especially helpful with me working in the evenings 3 nights a week--I have to plan or I would go crazy. It has also helped me be more consistent in what I spend at the grocery store, although it is still expensive. Good luck!

Queen Of My Domain said...

It's amazing how knowing what you are going to feed your family that night can make the whole evening a little smoother. I'm just so excited that we are gradually moving out of only "child friendly" meals to meals that we can enjoy also.