Friday, May 11, 2007

My brother's humor

I have a wonderful relationship with my brother. We have always gotten along, even as children. He is four years older than me and has had his share of struggles. But through it all he has had the funniest sense of humor. Some may call it a dry wit. I love his sense of twisted humor and know that when he is joking around he never means it in a mean way.

He had me rolling on the floor this morning when I spoke with him. He had been talking with my mom who is trying to keep my Uncle Soupy to stay with them at least through the weekend. My uncle can get a bit cranky at times, like any 82 year old can. And with the surgery and being gone from home for so long he is a little bit extra cranky. Uncle Soupy has been wanting to go home now and wants Sister to drive him home today. He also wants her to go to the Dairy Queen and drop him off to visit with his cronies. She doesn't need to stay since all the women do is gossip. Now my brother hearing about this got Uncle Soupy on the phone. He said that he wouldn't be able to leave just yet, and if he tried that my mom was instructed to hide his walker so he couldn't make it to the car. Then my brother asked him what was going on at the Dairy Queen to make him want to go. Uncle Soupy just laughed and said he needed to visit with his friends. It was then that my brother said "Uncle Soupy, let me get this straight. The women at Dairy Queen just sit around and gossip. But you men don't gossip right, your just fellowshippin'. Do I have it right?" Poor old Uncle Soupy laughed so hard he made his chest hurt. He said my brother was right of course but he'd never thought of it that way before. And after all the threats of taking and hiding his walker, he thought he would cut Aunt Sister a break and stay a while longer at my parents house.

Leave it to my brother to make idle threats about walker stealing and comments about fellowship. Truly I do love his sense of humor. Does that make me a warped person also?

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