Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What are they trying to tell me

I'm driving in the car this morning and K. looks at me and says so sweetly "I like your Zebra shirt". So I look at my red and white striped shirt and just say thank you sweetie.

Then this afternoon, Hoss is in the kitchen and says "Whoa, Mom, you look just like a zebra".

What is it exactly my kids are trying to tell me. I'm feeling very self conscious in a zebray kind of way. And I'm just not sure I will wear this again.


Pennies In My Pocket said...

Oh that's too funny. Well, I think Zebras are pretty. Now, if my child told me I looked like a frog or something like that then I'd be scared. ;-)


Beth said...

I've heard the red and white striped zebra is very rare and quite exotic! You should be flattered!

Kellan said...

How funny! I'm a big fan of zebras - they are quite beautiful!! See you later. Kellan

Heather said...