Thursday, May 22, 2008

Final Score

We have a small bird problem right now. I guess it's really not so much a problem as really an annoyance. We have two little birds that have decided to build their nest over the arch in our front doorway. Now any other place around the house and I wouldn't care. In fact I would probably even like to see them flying and zipping in and out around the place. But on our front porch, I really don't like them so much. I am constantly trying to clean up the bird poop they keep leaving on my welcome mat. I mean really who wants to have a bird poop covered welcome when they go to someones house. Not me! And then what happens if for some reason they decide to poop just at the moment that someone is ringing the bell. Now that would be a great welcome wouldn't it.

The first time I realized what these birds were doing, I was mean and sprayed their nest down with the water hose. It didn't deter them, they just came back and rebuilt again and again. Hubs decided to get in on the action. He then tried to scare them away by hanging up some different types of "stuff" to scare them away. He tried hanging Walmart bags all around where they were nesting. I was quite impressed by his ingenious idea because it seemed to be working. I was however quite embarrassed about having Walmart bags hanging and blowing in the breeze all around our front porch. But these little birds are persistent, they just waited until the bag closest to their nest blew down and back they came. Hubs then decided that he would just cover the entire front porch window with a big black lawn bag. Again the little birds just stayed away long enough for the bag to be blown down. Like I said, persistent little birds.

Not to be outdone, Hubs sat there one evening trying to figure out a way to get rid of the birds without actually hurting them, at least not badly. He then had another idea ( I won't say this one is really as brilliant as the walmart bag one though). He decided that he would take the laser tag gun my oldest son has and have himself a birdie stakeout. So for the past two nights, Hubs has gotten the little Nerf darts and the dart tag gun and gone huntin'. (Hubs has only gone quail hunting once before and had such a hard time seeing the little birds he couldn't do it again...hmmff..and he calls himself a Texan). Right, back to the story. Hubs has been out huntin' the last two nights and he has shot lots of Nerf darts. All I can say about that is that his accuracy leaves room for lots of improvement. And those darn little persistent birds, well I could hear their chirping laughter as they swooped all around him. Then they must have gotten tired and decided to rest for the night. And of course that would mean that they went to sleep in their nest, over our front porch with all the Walmart bags blowing in the breeze and amidst flying orange Nerf bullets.

Final Score

Birds- 3


Kellan said...

Oh, boys and their toys - HA! We have bird nests too - they can be a problem! I do love seeing the little baby birds though.

Have a good evening - Kellan

Don Mills Diva said...

It kinda seems like it was meant to me...I have heard that it's good luck to have a bird poop on you if that's any consolation.

Kellan said...

Hey - thanks for coming by today. Have a great weekend - see you soon - Kellan