Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday

I just learned a new trick of the trade for mommy hood and just had to share it with all the rest of us still in the toddler hood trenches. For some of you, it may be old news but for me it was a first time lesson learned.

I have somehow managed to escape the creative artwork on the walls by my three oldest children. My fourth baby didn't let me escape quite so easily. She went around to a few walls a while back and crayoned on them. Normally I would just get my magic eraser and get it off right away or else just some warm soapy water and elbow grease. But since we just moved into a house with flat paint I was worried that by scrubbing to hard the paint would come off. Today my cleaning lady saw the new artwork and showed me a trick of the trade. You just spray a little bit of pledge polish remover on the artwork and then lightly rub it off. It somehow makes it lift right off and didn't take all the paint off either.

I was so excited I had to do my happy mommy dance. I'm sure I set both my children and the cleaning lady back several weeks into therapy because of this. But I really don't care because my walls are clean again. It works for me so maybe it will work for you.

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anniep said...

I actually scrubbed paint off the wall with my magic eraser trying to get at a tough food stain. And yes, it was flat paint. This is a very helpful hint--most deserving of a happy mommy dance!