Monday, May 19, 2008

Summer is here

Judging by the hot weather we are having, summer is here. Hoss is out of school now and in just a few short weeks, Z. will be home as well. The flowers are needing a little extra help with all this heat. What does all this randomness mean? It means that summer is definitely here. I'm ready to spend hours by the pool and so are the kids but until Z. is out I really can't do it just yet. Instead I am dealing with the reality of the girls getting used to having Hoss home. And then just when they get used to him, they will all have to get used to Z. being home again. It's always difficult that first week of summer with all the bickering but hopefully it won't take them long to adjust to the new routines. By that time they should hopefully be well behaved enough to take them out in public again without mom hanging my head in shame. It's always good to have hope.

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